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This is the main reference for useful custom WoW Macros. See also User defined macros in Snippets and the useful Class macros in the 'nav bar' to the right. See also Classic WoW Useful macros (1.0). GitHub - UndercityAddons-Vanilla/MacroTT-​V: Create tooltips for Create tooltips for your macros (fills in for missing #showtooltip in Vanilla WoW) - UndercityAddons-Vanilla/MacroTT-​V Marksmanship Hunter DPS Guide - Battle for Azeroth 8.1.5 This guide contains everything you need to know to be an excellent Marksmanship Hunter in WoW Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1.5.

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This brief Wow macro guide will teach you how to use items in a macro like potions, trinkets, belt tinkers and more. Adding macros to your dps, tank or healing rotation makes you a better player and more handsome than the next guy. Wow Macro Equip Trinket Slot - About Us WoW Class Macros: What are the numbers for each I would modify it for each trinket slot and to activate the Nitro boost an (as of list of item numbers can be found at the bottom Equipment slot. Before that wow macro equip trinket slot time I was doing casino slot o pol download for about a year straight, that netted me about 300k gold in total./use 13 To use ... Macro for Trinkets : wow - reddit /equip trinket 1513 -> this will put the trinket that you type the name of into slot 15, which is your first trinket slot. Your second trinket slot is 16 14. You could also just use gear sets from your character screen. Edit: I was incorrect on the trinket slot numbers. Vuhdo mouse over macro for a trinket : wow - reddit

For the purposes of this example, let's use "Greet."

Replace the name of the trinket with the slot in which the trinket is equipped - 13 for the first slot or 14 for the second.

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Mage - Burst macro with Icy Veins and both trinkets ... This macro casts Icy Veins, uses the Engineering Gloves and uses the upper trinket. Just typical stuff really, 13 = trinket slot 1 (trinket slot 2 would be /use 14), 10 = your gloves engineering enchant. A Trinket macro - WoWInterface Can you make a macro to cast a trinket with a spell? ... It would be /use Trinket Name since it's an item and not a spell. Try this: ... Macro's cannot check for cooldowns. However, LUA can with the GetActionCooldown(slot) function. But you cannot do any casting based on the results because of Blizzards protected functions.

This is a full list of WoW inventory slots with their inventory slot number (SlotID), and corresponding GetInventorySlotInfo name.How To Activate An Item. WoW Inventory Slot Numbers.DRUID: Use Trinkets + Cast Lacerate. DRUID: All Heals In Mouseover Macros .

How to Macro Trinkets - World of Warcraft Forums What exactly is the macro? I don't think the functionality for trinkets has ever been changed. /use 13 or /cast 13 is the first trinket slot, change it to 14 for the second trinket. What is the Item # for trinket slot 2? - UI & Macros ... We may also share information about your use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Please note that if you are using an ad blocker we may be unable to save a cookie with your preference and you will continue to see this popup every time you visit the site. Trinket on use macro - MMO-Champion - World of Warcraft ... Hey I'm having issues finding a macro to auto use my spellpower/int trinkets while I level. I would rather have a /use slot (14?) so i can just keep it as a built in macro in my general list for all my characters. Also can we still not activate 2 on use trinkets or has that changed? Cheers!

Note: With the release of 6.0.2, many spells have been renamed, and much of the scripted command functionality has been modified. In an effort to keep Wowpedia posts relevant, please re-validate and re-post macros that work in the current …